5 Star Reviews

five-stars “I contracted Broad Spectrum and they came out to my house and did a fabulous job with the repairs I needed to rent my townhouse in Waverly Woods. They repaired some drywall cracks due to the earthquake, repainted ceilings and rooms with the perfect matching paint. When they were finished I had Broad Spectrum do a deep cleaning for rental. I was very satisfied with the work and professional services. Very friendly, fast and efficient.” — Brenda Canter, Woodstock, MD

five-stars “Broad Spectrum’s crew was efficient and professional. I would definitely recommend their service to my neighbors. They painted the entire home with custom colors… and did it in a quick and timely fashion. On the exterior of the house the crew also built a deck.”
—P.M., Hanover, MD

five-stars “Five stars! Painted entire condo, drywall repair from water damage, remodeling hardwood floor in foyer and installed ceramic tile in foyer. Installed new switch plates and wall plates. Steam cleaned all carpets.” —D. Jenkins, Gambrills, Maryland

five-stars “I have had Broad Spectrum Painting to my house three times. In July of 2012 they replaced the wood trim around the front door and painted the trim to match the other trim around the house. They were able to match up and follow the HOA guidelines perfectly. Once the job was completed and cleaned up it was as though they were never there. They were excellent. The 2nd time I contacted them was to have my gutters replaced, but after looking at the gutters and fascia board, Broad Spectrum came up with such a great alternative to rehang the existing gutters to the house that the gutters didn’t need to be replaced. They were able to save me money. I felt that they just weren’t out looking to make money, but wanting to make a lifelong customer. The 3rd time was minor, but squirrels tore off the return board on the roof and Broad Spectrum came out right away to replace it and make sure there were no squirrels in the attic. I consider Broad Spectrum my go-to contractor and will refer them to family and friends.” — D. Mills, Jessup, Maryland

five-stars “I hired Broad Spectrum Painting to do interior painting and drywall work in my living room. I was amazed at the meticulous job that was done and the timeliness with which the work was completed. They were very professional and cleaned up everything nicely when they were finished. In June of 2014, I hired them again to powerwash the siding and deck and fence. They also stained the deck and waterproof stained the fence. Also, they replaced a rotting board on the deck. In May of 2015 I had them paint exterior shutters and trim on my townhouse, replace rotting trim, and trim limbs away from the gutters. In December of 2015, I had them come and replace a light switch in my bathroom. Once again, they did an excellent job in a timely manner and cleaned up all debris. I was extremely impressed with their work each time they were there and would highly recommend them to anybody and certainly use them again in the future. Their fees were also very fair.” —Deborah Waldron, Jessup, Maryland

five-stars “May 2013 I contacted BROAD-SPECTRUM to power wash my home. They did a great job and cleaned up when job was completed. September 2013, I called BROAD-SPECTRUM again to request my shed to be repaired & painted. I requested the same crew because I was impressed with the work on the first job. April 2014 again I called BROAD-SPECTRUM to have mulch spread and my foundation painted. Broad Spectrum offers many different kinds of jobs . I have found their company to do excellent work,have reasonable prices they’re honest and reliable and have outstanding workmanship. Again in October 2014 I called them to paint my Front steps, railings ,banisters , & awning supports. Another job well done. Again February 15 I called them to repair the roof on my back porch and they did an excellent job. September 2015 I called again to remove and replace wooden steps to my back porch . I always request the same people because I can count on them to do an excellent job.” — J.C., Laurel, Maryland

five-stars “In May 2016, Broad Spectrum performed many tasks for me including removing some small trees, power washing and painting my townhouse (once we had two consecutive days with no rain), cleaning and repairing gutters, replacing a return board, and making minor repairs to my roof. They performed all jobs in a professional and competent manner and at a reasonable cost. Next year, I’m hoping I can them him replace my roof. If you need a handyman, call Broad Spectrum Painting  & Cleaning.” — Judy Hildenbrand, Columbia, MD